Millennials: The First Social Media Generation

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are considered to be those individuals who entered adulthood around the turn of the 21st century.  According to the U.S Census Bureau’s International Database, Millennials were born between the years of 1980 and 2000.

Did you also know that an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide are considered Millennials? Millennials make up 25% of the world’s entire population! In June 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau even announced that Millennials now outnumbered Baby Boomers, who were once the largest demographic.

8 Easy Steps to Double Your Conversion Rate!

There are many tried and true methods of increasing the conversion and click rates of your ads, social posts and website sales pages. While there are many innovative ways, we’ve curated the most effective ways to improve your conversions and grow your revenue.

Top 19 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

No one wants to flush money down the drain or lose market share to competitors—with an inefficient social media marketing campaign you may be doing both of these things. By avoiding the following mistakes, you will be 19 steps closer to avoiding a disastrous and wasteful marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using Snapchat for Your Business

New to the world of Snapchat? Snapchat is a popular mobile app that allows you to communicate with your friends via 3-10 second picture and video snippets, which quickly expire once they are viewed. Snapchat is the fastest growing social network to date and the number of users only continues to grow. With the platform’s undeniable success, it’s hard to believe it launched only five years ago!

Snapchat has grown over the years. Businesses are also finding a way to take advantage of this growing trend. Are YOU thinking about using Snapchat for your business? If you’re still not convinced, take a look at how Snapchat can increase your business.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go has Quickly Become Every Marketer’s Dream

The Power That’s Inside Pokémon Go

Unless you have been living under a rock or hiding in some tall grass, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon GO. It’s been an overnight sensation and has been the biggest brand boost for Nintendo in years. The augmented reality smart phone game has the world in a craze and has caused the company’s shares to rise 50%.

How does it work? Using the phone’s GPS, the app creates an augmented reality (AR)—sending users on a search to catch them all… Pokémon, that is. It overlays Pokémon in real-world locations, and players have to capture them in various places.

Having only officially been released in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, the rest of the world has been using hacks to get the game on their phones. Even so, TechCrunch has reported over 7.5 million downloads by Americans from the Play and App store, making $1.6 million daily, with users spending an average of 43 minutes per day playing the game—and this is yesterday’s data. There’s no doubt that these numbers have grown even more over the past 24 hours. Simply put, Americans are obsessed.