Video Marketing

Video Marketing: Is Your Business Going Live?

We know what you’re thinking…ANOTHER social medium I have to add to my strategy?

It seems as though everyday there is something new in social media that we just NEED to have. The truth is, video is becoming essential. With social media, interaction and connection is what’s going to set you apart from the others, and video just happens to be a great platform for this.

Instagram for Business

How to Develop Your Instagram Identity

Instagram has quickly become one of the most important social media platforms in social media marketing. It’s helping brands achieve awareness and identity simply through posting photos. However, you will find that the most successful business-related Instagram accounts have eye-pleasing profiles with consistent imagery. It’s almost guaranteed that each image has been carefully curated and thought-out prior to posting.

Interactive Advertising

The Benefits of Augmented Reality and Interactive Advertising

Sometimes it’s just not enough to run a simple PPC campaign. Bigger brands want more, and they understand that to engage with people you, well, literally have to engage with them. Cue in interactive and augmented reality advertising. This form of advertising allows the user to actually engage with the ad. With these types of ads, things get personal and you are directly creating a relationship with the user.

Content Strategy

5 Tips for Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media

Content is king. If you’re a digital marketer you’ve probably heard that phrase since you first started in the industry. Saying content is king is still important. Developing content strategy has become a vital part of digital marketing. Without a strategic content plan in place your competitor can easily outrank you in rankings and brand awareness.

Are Cinegraphs Here To Stay? We Do Love Them.

Marketing & Advertising trends change almost on a daily basis, and as an advertiser it’s sometimes tricky understanding the trends. Cinegraphs started to appear online a couple years back, made popular by a Fashion Photographer at NYC Fashion Week, and now platforms will soon allow you to use them in advertising.

Pinterest: Stop Dabbling, start Dominating

Pinterest is your customers own virtual wish list with endless possibilities for the everyday business owner. As of April 2015, more than 72 million people are using Pinterest. 85 percent of which are women. Women account for more than 86 percent of consumer purchases.