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Facebook Reactions | The QMG Breakdown

There was the Like Button, there was the hashtag…and now there are emojis. Emojis are the latest craze to hit social media and texting. Not a day goes by that one doesn’t use an emoji to express their emotions. They’re fun, and help to solve the mystery of what someone is really feeling when they text ‘It’s fine’. Because let’s be honest, saying it’s fine could mean you’re mad, or you’re totally okay. But which one is it? You’ll never know until you compliment it with an emoji.

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Advertising on Instagram

When Instagram released advertising to the public, I was a little excited. I started seeing all the ads that were smartly targeted to me, and even I was being influenced by them (I’ve bought several items from Instagram ads). I’m also a digital marketer, so when I click on ads I’m doing it consciously because I am aware of the costs associated with them. So the fact that a conscious digital marketer is clicking on ads and making purchases definitely tells me something: they work.

content marketing

Content Marketing Cheat Sheet for Social Media

If you struggle with content marketing, you’re not alone. Not knowing how to produce it or where to publish it, you might feel a little lost, but that’s okay because a lot of people do! When it comes to your business, you want to make an impact with your content, so worrying about these things are a good thing. When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s always that question of what goes where, or can it all be the same? The answer is no, it shouldn’t be the same because each of those platforms are different.

can you own a hashtag?

Can You Own a Hashtag?

Have you ever wondered if you can own a hashtag? The answer is no. Let me first give a bit of background information. The inventor of the #hashtag as we use it today is man named Chris Messina and it began life as a twitter suggestion. Since its humble beginning, we now use hashtags across many social media platforms.

social media specialist

Why Social Media is More Than Just Posting

Anyone can Tweet, post something to Facebook or upload an image to Instagram. It’s not a difficult task, which is probably why so many people question paying a premium for social media. What people don’t see is what happens behind the scenes when it comes to preparing an effective social media strategy. When you work with an agency that is providing social media services they are preparing your strategy so that it will meet an end-goal and achieve successful results.

Storytelling Tips for Social Media Marketing

Let’s be honest, when we think about storytelling, we think fairy tales, novels and picture books with easy-to read sentences. Fair enough. That’s pretty much what storytelling is. But the term is used constantly in social media, and there’s never really a clear direction on what that is, or how to curate the content for people so they understand you’re trying to convey a story, rather than a message.

2016 Marketing Checklist

Your Digital Marketing Check List For 2016

You’re reading this, so you probably already know that digital is taking over marketing in more ways than one. First it was SEO…now it’s SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, paid social media, influencer connections, blogging, content creation strategies, video strategies…the list never stops growing.

Pinterest Marketing for Business

5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest can be a very successful part of your social media strategy if it fits your industry. It can drive traffic to your website and spread word of mouth. There are a few factors that will make your marketing successful on Pinterest – it also does take a lot of time and dedication, just like any other social strategy.