Wanna know why
Clients Love Us?

There are many reasons why our clients happen to love us (it’s because we have an awesome sense of humor, and we’re absolutely hilarious), but we decided to share the ones we think are probably the main reasons why we’re loved.

We’ve been managing the ever-changing digital world for 12 years, that’s 84 dog years-meaning we must be doing something right. Also, 12 years in the digital world is a long time. Like a really, really long time. Longer than the majority of celebrity marriages (not looking at you Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Keep on keeping on).

In addition to our experience, we’re a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, so by default alone we’re more honest than most agencies (just don’t ask us to be the banker during a game of Monopoly). We have offices located strategically across North America, so we can handle any and all of your local needs (we can also recommend some awesome restaurants). We also love to fly and build personal relationships, so if it’s needed, we’ll come see you!

Here are some of the reasons why we’re loved:

  • We still believe in face-to-face meetings, and putting a face to a name
  • We're social butterflies...or lions (because lions are awesome. Not saying butterflies aren't cool, but lions are cooler)
  • Handshakes are extremely important to us (we've actually mastered the perfect handshake)
  • We have an office mascot. Her name is Mimi. Attitude aside, she's the most beautiful Shih Tzu ever!
  • We're actively involved in all of our communities
  • Our executives volunteer with various charities (recommend a charity? Drop us a line)
  • We also have some of the best office playlists (send us a message and our office DJ will provide you with his favorites. Friendly heads-up, expect some country music)

Now that you know why others love us, come join the Quick Marketing family and later share why you love us too.

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